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Trade fair and model hostesses are an important part of trade fairs and other events. They are that interesting for companies because they can benefit from them: trade fair and model hostesses usually have a well-groomed and personable appearance, which makes a good impression and is usually subconsciously associated with the products and services offered by customers and guests will.

In addition, hostesses can also have a positive influence on the formation of opinions, as they are often the first to contact the customer and thus influence the first impression. The areas of responsibility depend heavily on the respective event and the company. Promotion or moderation can also become the task of a hostess. Hostesses are often young people, such as students, but sometimes they are also permanent employees who simply want to take advantage of an attractive additional income.

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As already told, there are many areas of application for hostesses. That´s why it is very important that hostesses are varied and flexible. In addition to working as a model hostess, moderator or promoter, there are many other activities that hostesses can take on:


Catering- and service hostess

As a service hostess, you are mainly responsible for providing guests or customers with drinks and food. This can also include the preparation of simple, smaller dishes. The preparation of the buffet or later the clearing of the tables is often part of the activities. But you can not only be booked as a service hostess at trade fairs or comparable events. In the catering sector or in social facilities such as retirement homes, there is often a need for flexible and reliable service staff. Service hostesses often have their own experience in the catering sector, but newcomers are also welcome. As for all hostesses, it is important that you have a well-groomed and friendly demeanor and that you are flexible when it comes to service. In addition, one is also usually employed on a short-term basis.


Information desk hostess

The information desk hostesses, also known as reception hostesses, slip into the role of contact persons for customers and guests. They have a lot of responsibility because guests usually come to the information desk staff with their questions. For this reason, they are provided with all the important information they need before the events. Of course, the hostesses should take this information seriously and internalize it intensively. The reception hostesses are particularly important for the first impression of a trade fair or event, because they welcome the guests. Sometimes they also take some guests to different destinations. They too should always be friendly, helpful and, above all, confident in their communication.


Foreign language hostess

In a world that is growing ever closer together, it is important to be able to communicate internationally. Therefore, very good knowledge of English is a basic requirement for hostesses. Without the ability to speak English you will hardly have a chance in the world of event staff. It is very welcome that hostesses have very good knowledge of other languages ​​besides English. For example, foreign language hostesses who speak Russian, Mandarin or Polish are very popular. The more you can offer here, the more companies will be interested in you, since they naturally also want to adapt and present themselves on the international market. If necessary, it may also be the case that vocabulary from a specific subject is required. Foreign language hostesses are not only used at trade fairs. Interpreters are often used in hospitals to treat foreign patients to facilitate exchanges and communication. Not infrequently, they are also requested by city administrations.



Friendly and experienced VIP hostesses welcome well-known guests at trade fairs, congresses or other events. Such well-known guests who are looked after particularly well can be company bosses, politicians or celebrities. Most of the time, VIP hostesses are only assigned to this one person. Therefore, they take on several tasks at once. This means that they can simultaneously take on the tasks of a service hostess by ensuring that the guest is provided with food and drinks. If the guest comes from outside, foreign language skills are of course very important. Sometimes they also take over the organization of the arrival and departure of the special guest, so that nothing is missing. Of course, an open and friendly manner on the part of the hostess or host is also of great importance here.


Chief Hostess

The position of chief hostess is very popular among many hostesses and is considered the pinnacle of their career. Chief hostesses are the link between client and hostesses and therefore have a lot of responsibility. You lead the hostess team and act as the contact for event organizers if, for example, changes occur at short notice. Chief hostesses therefore often instruct the other hostesses and resolve any problems that may arise. They should motivate the entire team and evaluate the events. In addition, the chief hostesses write down all the times and hand in the timesheets at the end of the day. Since you have quite a lot to manage with this hostess position, it is important that you are resilient and flexible. It is also important to be able to express yourself and communicate well when assigning tasks.

As you can see, the areas of responsibility of a hostess are very varied. Trade fair and model hostesses are no longer the only hostesses that are wanted. But one thing applies to everyone: They represent a company and look after guests and customers on their behalf. Depending on the area of ​​responsibility, additional requirements are placed on a hostess or a host. We are happy to list the general requirements that hostesses should meet:

  • A well-groomed and personable demeanor
  • An open, friendly manner
  • Appropriate manners and communication skills
  • Fluency in English
  • A minimum height of 1.65m is often requested
  • Endurance; it may well be that you are on your feet for 8 or more hours

With our help you can not only apply as a hostess. We are also constantly looking for new promoters and moderators. No matter what interests you the most or suits you best, we will find the right jobs for you! Apply quickly and easily using our online application form and we will get back to you!

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