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Our experienced promoters approach your potential customers personally but also professionally and bring them closer to your product or service!

Motivated and ambitious, our promoters from all over Germany manage to arouse the interest of customers and leave a lasting positive impression. Convince yourself!

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Promoters from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Benefit from our large pool of personnel, which is distributed throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This saves you, for example, the cost of long journeys and hotel accommodation.

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In the sales or promotion areas, we offer companies a wide variety of options to better market their products at trade fairs and thus achieve greater success.

One example of this is the so-called sampling promotion. With sampling, our promoters and promotion hostesses distribute free samples of a product to visitors to the trade fair or to passers-by in a department store. In this way, they come into contact with potential customers and can establish initial points of contact with the product or service. This type of promotion is very effective when it comes to acquiring new customers.

Another possibility is offered by tastings. As with sampling, here samples of new products are distributed to potential customers and they can convince themselves of the new offers directly on site - and who would say no to free samples of new unknown delicacies?

If you mainly want to address a young or trend-conscious audience, advertising campaigns at events, in clubs or even pubs are best suited. Our promoters and hostesses take care of all the necessary tasks for a successful advertising campaign - from distributing flyers or samplings and tastings to organising competitions, we are at your company's side and help you to inspire potential customers!

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Especially at trade fairs, promotion is crucial for the success of your company. Our hostesses for promotion, who have already been active at numerous trade fairs in Cologne, Berlin, Munich or Hamburg, help your company to market its products in a serious manner. Our hostesses not only have a communicative and friendly nature, but thanks to their advanced knowledge of various foreign languages, they can also represent your company at international trade fairs/customers in the best possible way.

We are always looking for new talents at the hostess. If you are interested in a job as a promoter or promotion hostess, then apply directly to us via the online form! 

For this job, you should of course be communicative, a team player and have a well-groomed appearance. Especially at trade fairs with many international visitors, additional foreign language skills can be very helpful. The job offers are also very attractive, especially for students, as they are always varied and flexible. So what are you waiting for? Apply now directly and easily online via the application form. The application is of course free of charge!

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When it comes to successful promotion, it's not always easy, especially in big cities like Berlin, Stuttgart, Cologne or Munich. Especially young start-up companies often have a big hurdle to overcome here, as the competition with already established companies in the industry is naturally very high. This makes it all the more important to create advertising that will be remembered by new customers and convince them. In order to achieve quick success here, you need the appropriate know-how and experience in the business. The promotion and hostess agency the hostess helps your company to achieve your desired goal - we know what is important! A personal consultation, both for our promoters and hostesses as well as for our clients, is essential for us!

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