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With our promotional hostesses, you will be remembered

the hostess has the requirement to make your promotional activities a success. Our versatile promotional hostesses and hosts represent your company at promotional events and trade fairs – So you stay in the memory of your potential customers.

Thanks to our diverse card index, we can respond specifically to your ideas and needs and find the right event staff for you. As a promotion agency in Hamburg, we are happy to assist you in word and deed.

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Promoter Laura S.
Laura S. #11057
Promoter Leonie H.
Leonie H. #2443
Promoter Charlotte S.
Charlotte S. #33292
Promoter Niclas L.
Niclas L. #16767
Promoter Viola S.
Viola S. #7234
Promoter Germain E.
Germain E. #3325

Promoters from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Benefit from our large pool of personnel, which is distributed throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This saves you, for example, the cost of long journeys and hotel accommodation.

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Our promoters of the Promotion Agency Hamburg enable your company to attract attention even far away from your trade fair stand. Our promotion in Hamburg is diverse: Our event staff can be found not only at trade fairs, but also at events, concerts, tastings or new openings.

Are you planning a sales-promoting measure or a promotion campaign? Then you've come to the right place with our Promotion Agency Hamburg!

Our team will help you find the right staff for your event. Whether PR, sampling or sales events – our trained and competent promoters for Hamburg will always be a helpful support for any occasion.

You want to be remembered by your existing and potential customers in Hamburg? Then choose our successful and charming promoters.

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Our promotion hostesses for Hamburg not only look appealing, but also have diverse language skills, such as English, Arabic and Italian. So nothing stands in the way of a smooth presentation of your company even at international events  Our Promotion Agency Hamburg will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect promoter for your next event.

If you are looking for a promotion job in Hamburg, these are our requirements:

  • Fun in contact with people
  • Neat appearance
  • Sympathetic and self-confident appearance
  • Communication skills
  • Reliability

Language skills of any kind are welcome bonus features!

As a promotion agency in Hamburg, we know how difficult it is in big cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne or Munich to find the ideal event staff to convey your advertising in such a way that it remains in the customer's memory. We don't offer 0815 staff, but unique all-round talents who will make your next advertising strategy a success. Our charismatic and experienced promoters for Hamburg are able to represent your company in a professional manner and establish you in your industry. Through our placement, you can select the appropriate individuals who will achieve your goals.

If you are interested in a promotion in Hamburg, send us a booking request free of charge and without obligation so that we can get back to you as soon as possible!

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